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New Cardinal Skyline Series Shower Door

By Brewster Glass

Cardinal frameless sliding shower

Here is a Cardinal Skyline series sliding shower that recently became available.  This sleek enclosure is simple and elegant.  One side has a fixed panel; the other side slides along on bold rollers and a single rod.  It breaks all the rules of a traditional slider by doing away with both side rails, also the full length bottom track has been replaced by a small guide.  They managed to replace the top header by adding the lower center wheel which keeps the door from coming off the track.  Instead of a normal towel bar for a handle, now there is a 2 1/4″ recessed finger pull.  The Skyline series is available in both 3/8″ and 1/2″ thicknesses with a 90° return panel available in 3/8″( 1/2″ return coming soon).



Recent Shower Installation

By Brewster Glass

Corner steam shower with slanted ceiling
Corner steam shower

Here is an example of a custom frameless corner shower door that we recently completed.  It is an example of a corner shower that incorporates a slanted roof to maximize the size of the shower that could fit in the bathroom.  What really makes this shower unique is the door is mounted off the return panel with 90° hinges.  They allow the door to swing out  as well as in agains the return providing a fully open bathroom not obstructed by the shower door.



Custom Glass Fence Project

By Brewster Glass

Glass fence

Here is an example of a glass fence that we worked on. The nice thing is, it encloses the entire yard without obstructing the view of the beautiful landscaping.  It also includes three doors with locks to allow easy access when needed and restrict it when necessary. Bellow are several more pictures of the project.



Storefront - 1Storefront - 2Storefront - 5Storefront - 4




Recent Projects and News

By Brewster Glass

Glass shower with frameless shower door

Glass shower with frameless shower door

At Brewster Glass Shop, we are always involved in new and interesting projects and installations. We will be posting information and photos about our products and installations to this blog.